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Parking in Church Street East is enforced by the Mobile Police Department. Parking guidelines apply to both residents and visitors alike. If you do not follow the guidelines you may be subject to receive a ticket, vehicle tow or both. Church Street East vehicle decals are for identification only and do not guarantee you a parking spot. Please place the decal on bottom of the DRIVER'S SIDE FRONT WINDSHEILD. 

 There is NO PARKING on the NORTH side and WEST side of any street at anytime during parades. 

The only entrance/exit for the neighborhood will be at the service road at Canal Street And Warren Street. Before parades police will be regulating traffic at this access point and may close the barricade if there is no more parking available. 

Mardi Gras In Church Street East
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Parking in areas posted with gold parade route signs PROHIBITED
Double parking (on both sides of street) PROHIBITED
Parking with 15 feet of a fire hydrant PROHIBITED
Parking within 30 feet of an intersection PROHIBITED

Vehicles blocking the roadway or a driveway will be towed at owner's expense

Friday, January 26 
 6:30 pm - Conde Cavaliers

Saturday, January 27 
 2:00 pm - Bayport Parading Society 
 2:30 pm - Mystic DJ Riders 
 6:30 pm - Pharaohs' Mystic Society 
 7:00 pm - Conde Explorers 

Thursday, February 1 
 6:30 pm - Order of Polka Dots 

Friday, February 2 
 6:30 pm - Order of Inca 

Saturday, February 3 
 2:00 pm - Mobile Mystics 
 2:30 pm - Mobile Mystical Revelers 
 3:00 pm - Mobile Mystical Friends 
 6:30 pm - Maids of Mirth (Route G)  
 7:00 pm - Order of Butterfly Maidens 
 7:30 pm - Krewe of Marry Mates 

Sunday, February 4
 6:30 pm - Neptune’s Daughters 
 7:00 pm - Order of Isis 

Monday, February 5 
 6:30 pm - Order of Venus 
 7:00 pm - Order of Many Faces 

Tuesday, February 6 
 6:30 pm - Order of LaShe’s 
 7:00 pm - Order of Olympia 

Thursday, February 8 
 6:30 pm - Mystic Stripers Society 

Friday, February 9 
 6:30 pm - Crewe of Columbus
 7:00 pm - Krewe de Secondline 

Saturday, February 10
 12:00 noon - Floral Parade 
 12:30 pm - Knights of Mobile 
 1:00 pm - Mobile Mystical Ladies 
 1:30 pm - Order of Angels 
 2:00 pm - Joy of Life 
 5:45 pm - Mystics of Time (Route H)  

Sunday, February 11 - JOE CAIN DAY 
 12:00 noon - Alba Temple Motorcade (Route I)
 2:00 pm - King Elexis I (Route E)  
 2:30 pm - Joe Cain Marchers 
 3:00 pm - Joe Cain Society 
 5:00 pm - Le Krewe de Bienville 

Monday, February 12 - LUNDI GRAS
 12:00 noon - King Felix III Parade 
 12:30 - Floral Parade 
  3:00 pm - MLK Business & Civic Organization Parade 
  (Route D)  
 3:30 pm - MLK Monday Mystics (Route D) 
 4:00 pm - Northside Merchants (Route D)  
 7:00 pm - Infant Mystics (Route F)  
 7:30 pm - Order of Doves (Route F)  

Tuesday, February 13 - FAT TUESDAY
 10:30 am - Order of Athena 
 12:30 pm - Knights of Revelry 
 1:00 pm - King Felix III Parade 
 1:30 pm - Comic Cowboys 
 2:00 pm - MAMGA Mammoth (Route B)  
 6:00 pm - Order of Myths (Route C)

Mardi Gras Parade Schedule
All parades roll on Route A unless otherwise noted. 
Mardi Gras Parade Routes 2024
Mobile's Mardi Gras is the oldest pre-Lenten carnival celebration in the United States and Church Street East is right here in the middle of it all.  Over 25 mystic organizations parade through our historic district each year as thousands of eager revelers line the streets. The information found on this page is designed to help you have a safe and happy carnival season. Laissez les bons temps rouler!
Future Dates of Mardi Gras

2023 February 21
2024 February 13
2025 March 4
Towed vehicles will be will be taken to a temporary impound lot under the I-10 roadway between the former Roussos Restaurant and the Mobile Cruise Terminal. This lot closes at 11pm each parade night. Vehicles not retrieved by that time will be moved to the permanent impound facility behind the Mobile Police Department Training Academy at 1251 Virginia Street. To retrieve your vehicle you must present a valid driver license, current registration, and vehicle insurance. If you are sending someone else to retrieve your vehicle, you must fill out the Release of Authorization form found at https://www.mobilepd.org/impound/ and it must be notarized. 

P.O. Box 741    Mobile, Alabama 36601

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Throw me some moonpies, Throw me some beads!
Mardi Gras in Church Street East would not be complete without the arrival of Joe Cain's Merry Widows at the foot of the Church Street Graveyard on Joe Cain Day. Like clockwork the widows return to the grave site of Joseph Stillwell Cain, who is credited with reviving Mardi Gras in Mobile after the War Between the States. Their grief permeates the graveyard and a finer display of weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth has never been unveiled. 

Who loved him most? That's debatable.  You might want to ask Sue Ellen or Scarlet, Pearl, Zelda, Georgia or Tara. Salome, Helen or Camellia. Savannah, Samantha, Emmy Lou, Magnolia or Mary Jane. My guess is Phyliss. In any case, make a Bloody Mary with all of the fixins and head on over to watch the widows on Joe Cain Day.  You'll be glad you did. 

The widows arrive at the Church Street Graveyard at 11:25 am and depart at 11:45am

photo by Jeff Morrow
photo by Jeff Morrow
Photo by Jeff Morrow
Joe Cain's Merry Widows
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