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About Our Association



The active membership of the Church Street East Historic District Association (herein referred to as the Association) shall be comprised of those persons who own real property in the Church Street East Historic District, who live in the Church Street East Historic District, or who own businesses in the Church Street East Historic District, and who have paid the most current assessment of dues of the Association. The Treasurer of the Association shall inform the Secretary of the fact of payment by each member and the Secretary shall maintain a list of members, which shall be updated for each Association meeting.


The annual meeting of the Association, as defined in the Certificate of Incorporation, shall be the second Tuesday in April of each year. The Association shall meet in regular meetings on the second Tuesday of the month in September, October, November, December, January, February, March, and April. The Officers or the active membership may cancel any regular meeting by majority vote. Special meetings may be called by the Officers or by majority vote of the active membership.


All business must be transacted at an annual, regular, or special meeting as prescribed in the Certificate of Incorporation. To conduct business, a quorum shall consist of a majority of the active membership present and voting. The procedure for transaction of business shall be determined by the President, unless a majority of the active membership present votes to invoke the provisions of Robert’s Rule of Order as Amended. All business shall be accomplished by a majority vote of the active members at any meeting in which a quorum is present.


Officers shall be elected at the annual meeting of the Association or at any other time designated by two-thirds of the active membership present at a meeting. Nominations shall be made from the floor by any active member at the annual meeting or the meeting preceding it. Election for each office shall be by majority vote of the active membership.


The officers of the Association shall by President, 
Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, and shall have those duties as stated in the Certificate of Incorporation. The President shall convene and preside over all meetings of the Association. In addition, the President shall form all committees of the Association and shall appoint the chairperson and membership of same. The Treasurer shall collect all dues, maintain the Association’s accounts and financial records and report on the same at the request of the President and at each Association meeting. The Secretary shall maintain all records of the Association not maintained by the Treasurer, including the list of members, and shall report on same at the President’s request.


The Association dues shall be Twenty Dollars ($20.00) per adult. All dues must be paid by the Association’s regular meeting in September of each year. Members may join at any time by paying one full year’s dues. Residential and business owners may be asked to donate additional funds for special projects within the Church Street East Historic District.


The President shall form committees and appoint the chairperson and membership thereof within his/her discretion. The active membership may form committees and appoint chairpersons and memberships thereof by majority vote at any meeting.


The active membership shall determine all activities of the Association at any meeting of the membership.


These bylaws may be amended only by a majority vote at any Association meeting of the active membership.
Current Officers 

President                 Marie Dyson
Vice President       Danielle Williams
Treasurer                Lara Sherer
Secretary                 Kacey Chappelear

Members 2018-2019

East Church Street Development Association, Inc. was incorporated as a domestic non-profit corporation on August 18, 1975 in Mobile County, Alabama. The principal incorporators were Darlene Holmes, Eliza Brunson and Betty Lou Tipler. Mrs. Holmes was then elected as our first President of Church Street East. 
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P.O. Box 741    Mobile, Alabama 36601

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Darlene Holmes
Joe Pearson, III
Rebecca Byrne
Larry Stacey
Paul Brunson
Kevin Painter

Skip Herndon
Dianne Coleman
Kris Scales
Bob Hanks
Tissa Hans-Loehr
Marie Dyson

Past Presidents of Church Street East 
Updated  4/15/2018
Atkins, Lynn
Backes, Jim & Jeanne
Baines, Thomas
Baker, John & Pam
Berry, Mike
Boller, Thomas
Booker Agency
Brown, Jay
Bonner, Belinda
Brutkiewicz, Skip
Budget Inn
Burger King
Campbell, Helen
Carmichael, Jackie
Carter, Robert & Jamye
Cassidy, Karen
Cathedral Basilica Immaculate Conception
Christ Church Cathedral
Crowder, David & Criss
Bill Christian
Cieutat, Jean
Clark, Adline
Coleman, Dianne
Clement, Linda
Collins, Helen
Conkle, Brooks
Data Capture Consultants
Davenporte, Phillip & Gail
Dolbear, Dandi
Downtown Mobile Alliance
DuMont, Bart & Kristen
Duncan, Brenda
Dyson, Marie
Edington, Robert& Pat
Elliott, Thornton & Brenda
Eynon, Alex
Farmer, Msgr. Michael
Finley, John & Lynda
Finley, Karlos & Kelly
Flynn, Ryan
Fort Conde Inn
Fowlkes McPherson, Inc.
Gardner Firm, PC
Gibson, Jeff
Gilliam, John
Golson, Eva
Government St. Presbyterian Church
Greene, Sam & Donna
Greers Downtown Market
Gwin, John & Cheryl
Gwin, Jane
Haint Blue Brewing Company
Hanks, Bob
Henken, Chris, Marty& Michelle
Henken, Victor
Holland, Susan
Holston Vaughan, LLC
Hudson, Ray
Hughes, James 
Isom, Milton & Bessie

Jones, Tony
Kearly, Guy & Carmen
Koch Galleries
Koen, David
Krause, Frank​​
Lanico Inc.
Lewis, Mack & Celia
Lindsey, Craig
Loehr Tom & Tissa
Loper, Kevin & Kim
Martin, Doug & Julie
McCarron, Scooter & Tracy
McDuffie, Michael & Eileen
McElhaney State Farm
McGlasker, Gregory & Renee
McGovern, Geoffrey & Margaret
McKathan, Wayne
McKinney, Joseph
Merritt, Ramona
Miller, Carol
Morey, Max
Morgan, Eugene
Morrow, Jeff
Murph, Ryne & Arielle
Murphree, JoBeth
Nadler, Alexander
Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy
Pharr, Norman
Phillips, Rev. Paul
Rayborn, Nicole
Rel, Beatriz
Salazar, Johnny
Seacliff Agency
Serda Brewing Co.
Sherer, Richie & Laura
Short, Michael
Shortridge, Stephen & Missouri
Smith, Maggie
Snider, Ronald & Virginia
Speck, Scott
Sprinkle, Andrew & Virginia
Stephens, Heath, Kristen, Scarlett and Shephard
Stevens, Elizabeth
Stilwell, Gail
Stout, Sean
Strategy Public Relations
Sutton, George & Marsha
Thomas, Lillian
Thompson, Robby
Thornton, Simon & Pam
Turner, Chris & Jody
Utsey, Carolyn
Walsh, Paulette
Warren, Robert & Robyn
Wesley, Ann Wilson
Williams, Allen & Danielle
Williams, Ola
Zieman Jr. , Thomas

Jean Lankford
Charles Fridge
Steve Harmon
Jean Cieutat
Darlene Lane
Al Pennington
Jim Maurer
Marsha Sutton
Jeff Morrow
John Goodroe 
Greg Vaughan - Immediate Past President