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Here's What's Happening in CSE 
Thank you for visiting the Church Street East Historic District Neighborhood Association website. Church Street East was established by ordinance of the Mobile City Commission in 1962 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971. Church Street East is Mobile's oldest Historic District and a neighborhood that comes alive! While visiting our website we invite you to take a Walking Tour through our Historic District for a survey of our historical buildings. Visit our Home Owners page for resources we find helpful in navigating the unique requirements of living in a Historic District.  Celebrate Mobile's biggest party on our Mardi Gras page.  Learn more about changes being considered to our Downtown living on Our Future page and spot your neighbors on the Snap Shots page.  

We hope that you enjoy our website and come back often! 

Church Street East 
Neighborhood Association
2017 Church Street East
Trash Pick Up Schedule
July    2nd,16th, 30th
Aug.    13th, 27th
Sep.    10th, 24th
Oct.      8th, 22nd
Nov.     5th, 19th
Dec.     3rd, 17th, 31st

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LODA Art walk
August 10th 2018
 6-9 PM
Downtown Mobile
Church Street East Yard of the Month
Congratulations to Jeff Gibson ~ S. Dearborn Street
Yard of the Month recognizes those homeowners who have made substantial commitments in time, expense or both to the improvement of their residence for the betterment of all. 

Church Street East 
Thanks You 
for your hard work and dedication!
To Sign Up for StreetScan
 Each residence is limited to approximately 2 cubic yards (3 ft. x 3ft. X 6 ft.).​

City Ordinances Prohibit: The placement of trash at curbside more than 48 hours prior to the scheduled day of collection. 

Fine and court costs: $406.00 
Lady Dearborn
Church Street East believes in keeping our cat population happy and healthy. We participate in Trap, Neuter and Release programs to control the feral cat population. Feral cats often avoid contact with humans, although they often live in close proximity to people where there they have access to food and shelter. Feral cats do not make good pets. If you want a pet cat, visit your local animal shelter.
Photograph by Danielle Williams
Lily Grace
Photograph by Jeff Morrow
Dauphin Street Beer Festival
August 25, 2018 6-9pm 
Downtown Mobile
All Dauphin Street Beer Festival ticket holders must pre-register their information to gain entry into the 30+ restaurants and taverns participating in the Beer Fest. Once you register your personal information with your own ticket number, you will be emailed a confirmation code that needs to be put onto the temporary membership card that you received with your ticket. Admission into these bars will be forbidden unless your code is filled in properly. Your information will be shared only with the private clubs and the ABC Board. To pre-register click