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Here's What's Happening in CSE 
Thank you for visiting the Church Street East Historic District Neighborhood Association website. Church Street East was established by ordinance of the Mobile City Commission in 1962 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971. Church Street East is Mobile's oldest Historic District and a neighborhood that comes alive! While visiting our website we invite you to take a Walking Tour through our Historic District for a survey of our historical buildings. Visit our Home Owners page for resources we find helpful in navigating the unique requirements of living in a Historic District.  Celebrate Mobile's biggest party on our Mardi Gras page.  
We hope that you enjoy our website and come back often! 

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Residential garbage is picked up EVERY TUESDAY. 

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That Mobile's Live Oak trees (Quercus virginiana) are protected by both state and local ordinance. A permit is required to remove or trim a tree in Church Street East. 
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Duffie Oak, Mobile Alabama
A plan by Jeff Speck & Associates for making Downtown Mobile a walkable city. Sponsored by the Downtown Mobile Alliance.
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Mardi Gras Parade Schedule
All parades roll on Route A unless otherwise noted. 

Friday, January 26 
 6:30 pm - Conde Cavaliers

Saturday, January 27 
 2:00 pm - Bayport Parading Society 
 2:30 pm - Mystic DJ Riders 
 6:30 pm - Pharaohs' Mystic Society 
 7:00 pm - Conde Explorers 

Thursday, February 1 
 6:30 pm - Order of Polka Dots 

Friday, February 2 
 6:30 pm - Order of Inca 

Saturday, February 3 
 2:00 pm - Mobile Mystics 
 2:30 pm - Mobile Mystical Revelers 
 3:00 pm - Mobile Mystical Friends 
 6:30 pm - Maids of Mirth (Route G)  
 7:00 pm - Order of Butterfly Maidens 
 7:30 pm - Krewe of Marry Mates 

Sunday, February 4
 6:30 pm - Neptune’s Daughters 
 7:00 pm - Order of Isis 

Monday, February 5 
 6:30 pm - Order of Venus 
 7:00 pm - Order of Many Faces 

Tuesday, February 6 
 6:30 pm - Order of LaShe’s 
 7:00 pm - Order of Olympia 

Thursday, February 8 
 6:30 pm - Mystic Stripers Society 

Friday, February 9 
 6:30 pm - Crewe of Columbus
 7:00 pm - Krewe de Secondline 

Saturday, February 10
 12:00 noon - Floral Parade 
 12:30 pm - Knights of Mobile 
 1:00 pm - Mobile Mystical Ladies 
 1:30 pm - Order of Angels 
 2:00 pm - Joy of Life 
 5:45 pm - Mystics of Time (Route H)  

Sunday, February 11 - JOE CAIN DAY 
 12:00 noon - Alba Temple Motorcade (Route I)
 2:00 pm - King Elexis I (Route E)  
 2:30 pm - Joe Cain Marchers 
 3:00 pm - Joe Cain Society 
 5:00 pm - Le Krewe de Bienville 

Monday, February 12 - LUNDI GRAS
 12:00 noon - King Felix III Parade 
 12:30 - Floral Parade 
  3:00 pm - MLK Business & Civic Organization Parade 
  (Route D)  
 3:30 pm - MLK Monday Mystics (Route D) 
 4:00 pm - Northside Merchants (Route D)  
 7:00 pm - Infant Mystics (Route F)  
 7:30 pm - Order of Doves (Route F)  

Tuesday, February 13 - FAT TUESDAY
 10:30 am - Order of Athena 
 12:30 pm - Knights of Revelry 
 1:00 pm - King Felix III Parade 
 1:30 pm - Comic Cowboys 
 2:00 pm - MAMGA Mammoth (Route B)  
 6:00 pm - Order of Myths (Route C)

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Parade Routes A through Route I